Dog Lost Two Years Ago Reunited with Family After Appearing on TV News Segment


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A man forgot to turn off the TV when he went to bed one night in July. But, when he woke up early the next morning and saw his long-lost family dog on TV, it wasn’t a dream!



A Wisconsin man named Dwight awoke to the morning news after falling asleep with the TV on the night before. The segment was showcasing adoptable dogs from the Wisconsin Humane Society. When they introduced a “little brown dog with an adorable underbite,” Dwight immediately saw a familiar face.

Nearly two years earlier, Dwight’s family dog ‘Payday,’ who originally joined the family as a companion to his now 12-year-old daughter, had gone missing. The family was still devastated over the loss of their dog, certain that they’d never see him again.

So when Dwight saw Payday on the morning news, he immediately contacted the news station for help. FOX6 News in Milwaukee put Dwight in touch with The Wisconsin Humane Society. As it turned out, Payday was being cared for at a shelter not far from the family’s home. That very same day, the family were reunited with their dog—and Payday very obviously recognized them!

Watch the exciting reunion the WHS shared on its Facebook page saying “…as you can see — it was the most incredible reunion! We are beyond ecstatic for this amazing family to finally be whole again.”

Dwight told the Wisconsin Humane Society that “it only took one glance at the picture for (him) to immediately recognize Payday.”

Remember, microchipping your dog greatly improves your chances of being reunited should they ever go missing or end up lost. If your dog is microchipped, take a few moments to check that all contact information is kept up-to-date.

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