Hero Dog Stops Traffic to Get Help for Owner Who Collapsed During Seizure


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When her owner collapsed during a seizure on their daily walk, one hero dog stopped traffic to get help. Security cameras nearby captured the incredible incident.

A Canadian family’s dog became a hero when she literally stopped traffic in an effort to get help during a sudden emergency on her daily walk.

Haley Moore and her family rescued Clover, a Maremma mix, when she was a puppy. Just about a year later, Clover returned the favor.

Moore was walking Clover through their Ottawa neighborhood when she suddenly collapsed and fell to the ground, her body seizing. While checking in with her human, Clover watched a car drive past, without stopping. Determined to not let it happen again, Clover pulled her leash free from Moore’s grasp and blocked any further traffic from going by.

“It was really impressive. The dog, Clover, actually blocked my way. She kind of backed into the road to block the truck,” driver Dryden Oatway told CTV News.

Oatway stopped to help Moore, still unconscious on the ground, while Clover caught the attention of another neighbor, who also assisted. While neighbors were attending to Moore, Clover ran back home to alert the rest of her family. When they followed her back to the scene, Haley was being treated by paramedics in an ambulance.

Haley is, thankfully, ok. And, while doctors are unsure what caused the seizure, she feels safer knowing that Clover will be there to protect her if it, or anything else, happens again.

“I feel 10 times safer, and I know she will be there for me,” she said. “She is a really amazing dog, and I love her to death.”

Clover was rewarded with a steak dinner for her amazing heroic actions that day!