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Owner Relieved After Finding Her Two Dogs Safe After Car Crash



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Screenshot 2022 10 12 225724

Image from 7 News Miami

A pet owner in South Florida is happy that both of her beloved pets, Angel and Sparkle, were located safely after they survived a terrifying vehicle accident. On October 11, the owner learned that her two black labrador mix dogs had been found.

Thanks to the staff of Southwest Ranches’ Bruno Happy Canines, both dogs are now safe. Sparkle and Angel have both made a full recovery. 

About two miles from the crash site, Sparkle was discovered on the morning of October 10, wandering the neighborhood. The following day, with Sparkle’s help, they were successful in recovering Angel. Angel was found in the forested area she hid in on October 8, just before six pm. 

“They’re together?” asked owner Gwen McClellan on the phone.

“They’re together,” responded Helena Nunez of Bruno Happy Dogs with a giggle. “Actually that’s how we were able to get Angel, ’cause Angel went to Sparkle.”

“Very slowly with a lot of calm, we went towards her, and immediately when we touched her, she was just like giving kisses and licking, it seems like she comes from a very lovable family, and you can see that from first glance,” Helena Nunez said upon first finding Sparkle.

After the crash on Sheridan Street near Northwest 130th Avenue on October 8, the dogs went missing. In the van with McClellan were her four dogs. Two were found, but Sparkle and Angel, her labrador mix dogs, escaped.

Bruno Happy Dogs informed McClellan that they are delighted to look after Sparkle while she recovers. McClellan told 7News that she is grateful that Bruno Happy Dogs will be able to care for Sparkle and Angel for the time being.

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