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One in Four Pet Owners Are Transforming Their Furry Babies Into Social Media Stars



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People love seeing pets on social media. Whether they’re playing dress-up or hyped-up with their classic antics, it gives people extreme joy and comfort on the internet.



Based on the research commissioned by pet insurer ManyPets, one in four pet owners has created social media accounts for their furry companions. These pets have an average of 925 followers. 89% of the study’s 2,000 cat and dog owners admitted this exceeded their number of followers. With all that social media stardom, 42% of owners fill their personal feeds with pictures of their adorable cats and dogs. 35% set it up to show off their beloved animals to the world and another 34% just want to enjoy the positive reactions shared over their pets online.

A quarter of those polled, via OnePoll, choose to attend pet-friendly restaurants to include their pets in their plans, and over half say they have made new friends thanks to their pets.

Meanwhile, almost half have canceled their plans to spend more time with their furry friends. Many also admitted that they take more pictures of their pets than their family and friends, and nearly half acknowledged they spend more money on their pets’ birthdays than on their loved ones. 



Steven Mendel, CEO and co-owner of ManyPets said, “It’s evident that pets are the nation’s pride and joy. We love that pet owners are passionate about putting their pets first, which is a core value we share as a brand – and our mission is to make the world a better place for pets and their parents.”

Did these statistics surprise you? Does your furry friend have his own social media account? 

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