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Poodle Undergo Unique Transformations as Film Characters



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A film-loving dog owner turned her passion into a creative makeover for her three-year-old service poodle. Jessica Holloway, 28, from Toronto, Canada, mastered the art of transforming her dog Walter into different well-known characters from blockbuster films. From Alice in Wonderland to The Matrix, and Monsters, Inc., each unique transformation takes up to 10 hours! 

Jessica, who is now a full-time creative dog groomer, spends up to £1,000 a year on the vegan and cruelty-free premium colors she uses on Walter. Sporting bright blue, green, and even checkerboard print fur, Walter is completely unrecognizable posing for the camera. 

Being a canine colorist looking to do something creative during the lockdown, Jessica started doing different looks on Walter. Her beloved service dog helped her overcome difficult times. 

How adorable and creative is that?!

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