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Dog Is Ecstatic With His Very Own Fence Window



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A little dog named Harry always enjoyed spending time in his family’s backyard. Back when the old fence was still intact, its pickets were so close together that Harry couldn’t catch a glimpse of the outside world.

That was until a storm knocked over that fence and Harry’s family decided to build a new one with widely-spaced pickets. And with those widely-spaced pickets, Harry was able to catch a glimpse of the outside world and became hooked.

Harry Looking Through Fence

Harry Looking Through Fence

Image from Alex Mcleish via The Dodo

Alex Mcleish, Harry’s owner, noticed Harry was always looking through the slits to see what’s outside. Harry loved his new hobby!

So much so that Mcleish’s dad decided to make Harry his own dog window and Harry knew it was for him.

Harry Looking Through Dog Window

Harry Looking Through Dog Window

Image from Alex Mcleish via The Dodo

Ever since that new dog window has been installed, Harry has been practically glued to that spot. 

Not only does Harry love his view, Mcleish and his family love watching him see the world go by through his adorable fence window. 

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