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Golden Retriever Rescued After Being Trapped In Frozen Drain Pipe



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A Golden Retriever, named Fable, got trapped inside a drainage pipe in Falmouth, Maine a few days ago. Fable, according to her owner Jill Simmons, decided to pass through the plastic culvert only to find out that it was frozen shut on the other side. She seemed to have been curious about something, but no one ever figured out what exactly. 

Falmouth Labrador Rescue

Falmouth Labrador Rescue

Photo from Falmouth Fire-EMS via Facebook

Thankfully, firefighters from Falmouth Fire-EMS’ Engine 4, along with Falmouth Police officers, arrived to the rescue. According to firefighter and paramedic Kelly Mayo in her interview with News Center Maine, Fable was “calm and cooperative” the entire time. The rescue took about an hour and Fable was safe and completely uninjured. 

Mayo handled the rescue effortlessly as she also has a Labrador–Husky mix of her own. 

Kudos to the rescue efforts of the Falmouth Fire EMS Engine 4 and Falmouth Police officers! 

Watch the full story here:

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