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Traveling Couple Discovers Their Luggage is Overweight Because of Stowaway Dog



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A couple’s Las Vegas vacation started off unexpectedly! While checking their bags at the airport, they found their dog had attempted to join them!

Screen Shot 2021 10 15 At 10.44.48 Am

Screen Shot 2021 10 15 At 10.44.48 Am

Image via Jared Owens/Facebook

Texas couple Jared and Kristi Owens had planned an epic Las Vegas vacation and headed to the airport to get the party started. But, when the Southwest Airlines check-in agent informed them their luggage was over the weight limit by a few pounds, they decided to open their bags and redistribute the weight to avoid paying the overweight baggage fee.

And, it’s a good thing they did! The couple’s Chihuahua, Icky, was hiding inside the suitcase, nestled inside a boot!

“BOOM, there’s our Icky coming out of one of my boots I packed,” Jared told Fox 13. “We were dumbfounded and flat shocked and embarrassed, to be honest. She loves to burrow in our laundry baskets, closet, blankets, wherever she can get nice, warm, and comfy, and on that day, I guess she chose our suitcase we had left open with clothes in it for hours.”

Because the couple had arranged for a pet sitter to stay at their house while they were away, Jared said he didn’t think to do a thorough sweep of the house or conduct a headcount of the couple’s many pets. Eager to get their trip started, they simply zipped up their bags and set off for the airport, not realizing that Icky had curled up inside of one of Jared’s cowboy boots.

The Southwest employee that helped the couple discover their stowaway pup offered to care for Icky until a friend could pick him up and take him back home. So, despite the unexpected events, Jared and Kristi still made their flight to Vegas.

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