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Saint Bernard Miraculously Survives 20-Foot Jump



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A stray Saint Bernard, found in an interstate in Louisville, Kentucky, miraculously survives a 20-foot drop. 

On February 19, Griffin and Abigail McGreevy were on their way to their bakery when they spotted the Saint Bernard, lost and frightened. In an attempt to rescue the stray, the couple along with a few other bystanders tried to coral the dog. However, the dog, out of fright, leapt over the side of the interstate, falling 20 feet below.

St Bernard News

St Bernard News

Photo by Kentucky Humane Society via https://www.facebook.com/kyhumane/photos/a.149748843723/10160122556638724

By some miracle, the McGreevy’s found the dog injured, but alive. After rescuing the dog, the Louisville Metro Animal Services soon arrived to look for the dog’s owner but unfortunately no one came looking for him.

The stray ended up in the care of Kentucky Humane Society where they tended to his wounds. He was found to have a broken femur and three broken metacarpal bones. Despite the surgery costing $7,000, they didn’t hesitate to give the dog treatment. 

They named the dog “Ludwig Van Beethoven.”

St Bernard Beethoven

St Bernard Beethoven

Photo by Kentucky Humane Society via https://www.facebook.com/kyhumane/photos/a.149748843723/10160122555328724

Thankfully, a Facebook fundraiser was able to raise $12,000 for Ludwig’s surgery and recovery. Ludwig is currently not up for adoption as he is still recovering from his surgery in foster care. He may be up for adoption later on if his fosters don’t decide to keep him for good. 

Watch Ludwig’s latest update from Kentucky Humane Society here.

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