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Talking Dog Video Garners Over 200M Views On YouTube



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Talking Dog Viral

Talking Dog Viral

Screenshot from “Ultimate Dog Tease” video via YouTube

If you’ve been watching videos on YouTube for the past 10 years, you may have stumbled upon a video of a skit between a man and his “talking” dog. Titled “Ultimate Dog Tease,” this video was uploaded 10 years ago and as of today, has over 205M views on YouTube.

In the video, the “owner” tells his dog about some scrumptious food he found in the “meat drawer” in his fridge. He then begins to mention “bacon that’s like maple” and “juicy steak” which he both ate without his dog. 

As the man and the dog converse, the dog hilariously responds and whines when he finds out he didn’t get to have a bite of any of it. 

To top it all off, the owner then mentions that he “put something together really special” a while ago. And to that, the dog’s eyes brighten up again in anticipation as the man describes that he “took some chicken, put some cheese on it, and covered it with cat treats.” The whole time, the dog repeatedly says, “yeah? and?”

You probably know what’s next right? Yup, the owner gave it to his cat! 

The dog shouts “nooooo!” and the video ends.

Talking Dog Viral 2

Talking Dog Viral 2

Screenshot from “Ultimate Dog Tease” video via YouTube

The Story Behind This Internet Sensation

Obviously the dog doesn’t really talk. And obviously this video captured the hearts of many, including you and me. 

The man behind this viral video is Andrew Grantham and this video, which he calls “Clark The Talking Dog” is what made him internet famous. In his interview with Toronto Star back in 2011, Grantham wasn’t planning on making a video that night. Then he came across the video of Clark, which was submitted by Clark’s pet owner, and decided to have a little fun with it.

The rest is history. Just after 2 weeks, the video garnered 20 million views on YouTube. This was back in 2011. Today, the views have grown ten-fold and will definitely still continue to grow. 

Grantham sells adorable t-shirts featuring Clark and other talking animals on his “Talking Animals” channel. All proceeds go to SPCA International.

You can watch the full video here.

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